Aquaforms Interior light fixture
Aquaforms line art

The Aquaforms light, is a versatile design with clean lines and durable construction. Eight models in varying shapes, with numerous installation options, make the collection usable within any environment. The models each feature spun or die-cut aluminum housing and decorative bands that are architectural in spirit and practical in nature.

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Light Enlivens enhance your environment


AQSQ, EUWS: small and large  |  QBWS, Ncol-2, Ncol-1, Ncrl-2, Ncrl-1: small


AQSQ, EUWS, QBWS: Opal acrylic lens standard Ncol, Ncrl: Tempered glass lens standard  |  Optional: Opal polycarbonate lens




INC: 60  |  PLC: 13, 18, 26  |  PLT: 32, 42  |  MH: 50, 70, 100  |  HPS: 50, 70, 100
(Refer to pdf for more lamp options)


Compact fluorescent = HPF electronic  |  HID= HPF magnetic


WM - wall mount  |  CM - ceiling mount  |  SM - surface mount

paint finishes

Texured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes  |  Custom RAL colors available