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Line artwork for Tessera

THE TESSERA LIGHT IS A CONTEMPORARY STYLED DESIGN with a minimal, rectilinear frame. Architecturally proportioned and made with heavy gauge aluminum material, the lights are well suited for exterior, accent uses like landscapes and pedestrian paths. Size and height variations make the design flexible enough for every environment.

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Light Enlivens set a mood


Bollard mount small: 8" square  |  large: 12" square
Wall mount small: 12"  |  medium: 16"  |  large: 24"


Bollard mount small: sl/b–stacked louver optics  |  pec–perforated color  |  CL–clear flat lens (optional)
Large: 3-Type III glass refractor  |  5-type v glass refractor  |  CL–clear flat lens (optional)
Wall mount: N/A


Bollard mount small: PLC13  |  PLC18  |  PLC26  |  C PLT32  |  PLT42 Large: 2XPLT32  |  2XPLT42  |  50MH  |  70MH
Wall mount small: 13PLC  |  18PLC  |  26PLC  |  32PLT


Bollard mount: HPF ballasts for compact florescent and HID
Wall mount: HPF electronic ballasts for compact fluorescent.


BM: bollard mount  |  WM: wall mount

paint finishes

Texured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes  |  Custom RAL colors available